What do I do? ...

I am a Senior Digital Developer / Multimedia Specialist..

UX Choreographer and Motion Graphic Designer is the best way to spell my name. I’m a Digital Developer / Motion Designer and have worked with some of Sydney’s largest Advertising companies since 2001. I’ve been working with the Adobe suite and today’s CC suite ever since leaving Graphic Design school in 2000.

The majority of my work is with 3D software (Cinema 4D) and Element 3D within After Effects. Lately my time has been spent developing Micro Sites and creating interactive graphics within HTML5 and Java script. When I’m not working within After Effects and Video, you’ll catch me developing and experimenting with the latest Java script technologies. The other two hours of the day is when I sleep. If what I do doesn't grab your attention straight away, then it's time to change what I'm doing...it only takes 3 seconds for a viewer to lose interest and move on. That's why I choose to be different.

Why me? ~ My work speaks for itself!

Having won awards from Macromedia MX magazine 2006 - 2008 for best web practice, and MX Flash online 2011 - 2012 for Interactive user experience VS digital artwork, I'm proud to showcase my work and let it speak for itself.

Don't loose to bad User Experience

Having spent years creating interactive banners, I know what does and doesn't work in the world of banners. I've created all sizes of banners from Mobile to full page take-overs, and also worked within Double-Click Studio and Sizmek. I have extensive experience with QA and seeing the banners through from Design to deployment across the platforms. I have been a Senior Digital Developer / Multimedia specialist for over 5 years, and been in the industry for over 17 years.

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You can click here to download my most recent CV for 2017.

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Get in touch with me and allow me to show you how efficiently I can have your project ideas come to life.

Shane ~ 0402 456 100